There is no good reason that dressing yourself or your home should be harmful to the environment or to its people, and so we are leaving the traditional fashion cycle behind, slowing down production,  reversing the devaluation of clothing that results in workers being poorly treated and unfairly paid. We will strive to work with materials that don't damage the Earth - organic and sustainable, or, that are already in existence and would otherwise become waste.


  • We strive to make clothes that will pass the test of time - so you can buy less of them, wear them for longer and thereby create less waste.
  • Much of our collection will be 'continuous', in other words transcending the seasons in order to reduce excess and waste.
  • We design each garment with the broadest size inclusivity in mind, but the fewest sizes,  this is another strategy to reduce overstock and therefore waste. For now we are working with 'One Size' designing shapes that work for many body types.
  • We don't follow trends as this leads to a fast wardrobe turnover and unnecessary waste. Instead we try to design wardrobe staples that last until they wear out in the hope that you will love them enough to repair them or pass them on to another happy wearer.


  • We use natural fabrics - specifically Kala cotton that has been handwoven by small scale artisan workshops whose priority is the wellbeing of the weavers and the planet.  
  • We also use 'overstock' fabrics discarded by fast fashion brands, which would otherwise go to waste.
  • All other fabrics are sourced locally or are from a certified sustainable, organic source. 
  • Our 'one of a kind' sheepskin outerwear is made only from bi-products of the farming trade and is also bought from 'over-stock' which means our pieces are often a patch-work of several types of sheepskin. 


  • All tailored garments are sewn by Lin in his Tottenham studio just up the road from our East London shop & studio. 
  • All our 'One of a Kind' pieces are made individually and by hand in-house.
  • For our Indian sourced fabrics, we work with artisan weavers who are part of the Khamir collective, facilitated by the great work of Khadi London.