Ara Sheepskin Waistcoat
Ara Sheepskin Waistcoat
Ara Sheepskin Waistcoat

Ara Sheepskin Waistcoat

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Simple fully bound one of a kind patchwork sheepskin waistcoat. Multi ecru curly merino and toscana sheepskin.

Fully reversible.

Layer it over a shirt, vest, t-shirt or favourite dress. The only jacket you will need this summer.

Sizing: One size - comfortably fits size 8 to 14. 


  • Fully bound.
  • Hand-made in East London
  • Front shoulder to hem 46cm

Colour: Multi Ecru

Materials: 100% Sheepskin, a bi-product of the food industry. In addition we use the perfectly imperfect overstock from the fashion industry, so no two pieces are ever the same. Some of the more heavily patchwork pieces are entirely made from off-cuts.

Sustainability: This jacket can be handed down from generation to generation, when it's life cycle is complete it will bio-degrade - leaving no trace.